Case Study

The Hotel Engine Success Story

The Challenge

Researching leads is time consuming for any sales rep. It can be especially obstructive to those looking to quickly scale – like the team at Hotel Engine, a private hotel booking platform based in Denver, Colorado. Launched in 2014, the site and mobile app connects organizations and their affiliates to exclusive wholesale rates at 150,000+ hotels worldwide. Businesses can use the platform to save an average of 26% off public rates and access a full suite of expense management tools.

Hotel Engine’s sales team was strapped for time. Their work was split between sourcing quality business leads and then actually prospecting and selling to them. Alex Faiks, Director of Inside Sales for Hotel Engine, knew there had to be a more efficient and cost-effective strategy.

“Our reps were just too bogged down,” says Faiks. “We were using another platform to manually find qualified leads ourselves, but all that tedious work kept us from hitting our targets. We had to find another way.”

The Solution

Huron, an on-demand prospecting service based in Toronto, promised an all-in-one fix. The company manually finds and verifies leads for businesses based on their ideal customer profile. Every lead is checked by both its proprietary technology and professional team, ensuring only high-quality contacts. Not only that, but an outbound expert develops an email campaign for those leads, oversees its execution, and automates any follow- up.

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2x Rep Productivity

Lower Cost per Close

384% ROI

This all results in the timely and seamless curation of qualified prospects. To Faiks, Huron seemed like the best option to lower the team’s lead acquisition costs, get higher quality leads, and increase conversions. Faiks decided to test them out. In May 2018, they began a small-scale pilot for a few of Hotel Engine’s reps. By July, the company had fully outsourced its lead generation and prospecting to Huron for the entire sales team.

“Huron sources and prospects better quality leads in a fraction of the time it would take my sales reps.”

Alex Faiks

Director of Inside Sales, Hotel Engine

The Results

Huron now builds out verified lead lists based on Hotel Engine’s set parameters. Using industry, company size, geography, job title, and other qualifying information, Huron pinpoints the ideal buyer at every target company for Hotel Engine. All lists and communications are done on behalf of Hotel Engine’s sales reps. Faiks can easily oversee progress via the Huron dashboard and generate reports for each rep or aggregate them across the team.

Faiks estimates that his team’s productivity has at least doubled after Huron took lead sourcing and prospecting from their workload. Plus, Hotel Engine’s marketing team no longer needs to assist sales with their email copy and campaign reporting. Both teams can now focus more of their time on core responsibilities essential to Hotel Engine’s growth.

“It used to take one of our most experienced reps an entire day to put together a list of 100 qualified contacts,” says Faiks. “Now Huron does it for us in a fraction of the time and guarantees reliable contact information.”

By October, prospects from the first campaign had converted into revenue-generating users on the Hotel Engine platform. The profit from those users’ bookings alone has already paid for Hotel Engine’s initial investment in outsourcing to Huron.

And that return will only continue to grow. Based on Hotel Engine’s customer lifetime value model, those users’ bookings are projected to generate a 384% return on investment within a year.

“I can’t overstate how great Anton, and everyone at Huron has been to work with.“ says Faiks. “They took so much work off of my team’s plate. Lead quality has never been better, follow-up is top notch, and results to this point have been very strong. Huron is helping us grow!”

Return on Investment (%)

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