We Prospect. Your Reps Close

Increase their output 2-3x


Huron targets new prospects based on your ideal customer profile. Combining proprietary technology and old-fashioned hard work, our team manually finds and verifies each high-quality lead, including their direct email contact details.

Messaging & Cadence
Leveraging your existing sales and marketing collateral, we’ll create your outbound email sequence. We’ll work with you in capturing your value propositions, ensuring we approach your prospects as you would. Existing customers and conversations are automatically suppressed.

Campaign Execution
Outbound emails come directly from your sales reps and prospect responses are received in their inboxes. Your sales reps can now focus their time on responding to interested inquiries and closing sales.

Hotel Engine uses Huron to optimize lead sourcing, letting reps focus on closing. Resulting in a 2x increase in rep productivity and 384% ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how is prospect data sourced?

Depending on the target market, typically “business social networks”, industry associations, boards of trade, public markets and trade publications. We use the sources that best serve your needs.

How does this compare to similar AI tools?

In our humble opinion, many AI tools are more hype than substance. In our experience, when a contextual decision needs to be made about whether a particular prospect is a “fit” for a client, you can’t replace a human being.

What do our reps have to do?

When working with Huron, your sales reps only need to engage with interested prospects while continuing their day-to-day activities of demos, follow-ups, and closing sales.

How do we track success?

Your dashboard account will inform you with ‘real-time’ stats updates. Our clients typically see an ‘interested’ rate of 1-4% depending on the size of the organization into which we’re prospecting and the ‘noise’ in the market

Who owns the data produced by Huron?

As our client, you own your data and can use it however you choose. Many clients export their prospect list at the end of a campaign for their inside sales team to use for a calling campaign. Unlike our competitors, we don’t sell the same data to multiple clients.

Are there any guarantees?

We provide a minimum 98% data accuracy guarantee. Any duds, inaccurate contacts or bounces are replaced free of charge.

How can an Ideal Customer Profile be defined?

You can define your Ideal Customer Profile by industry, company size, geography, title, job function, and seniority level. We can even help with unusual information collection tasks such as finding the marketing manager of every company exhibiting at a specific trade show.

Every prospect is hand picked
Never recycled from a stale database